Pneuhook is a universal quick-change pneumatic tool hook/hanger. It was invented in 2011 to fill a major void in the construction tool industry. Pneuhook is a one-of-a-kind hook that can be transferred between pneumatic guns in about a second! There are no wrenches required with this high quality tool accessory. The versatility of Pneuhook is otherwise nonexistent in the industry.




In 2013 Situation Innovation Corporation was founded by company president Scott Jacobson. After two years of field testing Pneuhook, this corporation was created to launch Scott's patent pending invention. Situation Innovation Corporation is located in Cape Cod, MA. This is a family-owned business.  We sell to retail customers, wholesalers and distributors.




When Scott Jacobson invented Pneuhook, he had been working in the construction industry for 25 years. He was frustrated with the struggle of pneumatic guns without hooks. He saw a problem and he solved it. He truly believes Pneuhook makes the work day of a builder safer and more efficient. Besides Scott's extensive and diverse experience in the construction field, he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Forming this corporation and marketing Pneuhook is his true passion and calling in life.