Thank you for your interest in Pneuhook. You will love this product! Pneuhook is offered in three variations. Please use the images below to choose your fitting profile. Yes, the high quality Milton coupler and plug are included as pictured on the Pneuhooks. Ships to all U.S. Territories. Gift wrapping now available below.


Enlarged View

Enlarged View

Enlarged View


One Quarter Inch I/M Plug-Coupler Profile





One Quarter Inch T Plug-Coupler Profile




Three Eights Inch P or T Interchangeable Plug-Coupler Profile




Canadian Customers

We are happy to announce that there are Canadian Pneuhook distributors:

Atlas Tool and Machinery Ltd., Fastek Power Tools and Fasteners, KMS Tools and Equipment, Outil Mag, Outils Pierre Berger and Prime Fasteners

Please reach out to Canadian distributors for exact store locations offering Pneuhook.



Important - Please provide your postal address when checking out. Your order will ship via USPS and they only deliver to a mail receptacle (Mailbox or P.O. Box).



  • Quick change universal hook for pneumatic tools (air tools)
  • Patent Pending designed with hook stop to prevent accidental disconnect
  • Built in 1/2" skill saw blade wrench and nail hanging hole
  • Hangs on hammer loop, 2X stock, nail, tool belt, leading edge plywood etc.
  • Stainless Steel Construction


Gift Wrapping

Pneuhook is a great gift for the carpenter in your life! We now offer gift wrapping for your convenience. On the checkout page, please select the number of items you would like wrapped under the "quantity" tab.

$3.99 Each Wrapped Item

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Replacement Couplers and Plugs


  Pneuhook is equipped with high quality couplers and plugs. Below are the OEM replacement parts to ensure optimum performance. Please note that these parts are for the most common One Quarter Inch I/M profile.


Milton coupler and plug combo Best deal


One Quarter Inch I/M Coupler and Plug Profile Complete With Stainless Steel Washers


Milton coupler

One Quarter Inch I/M Coupler Profile


Milton plug

One Quarter Inch I/M Plug Profile